Hearings’ schedule (held physically or semi-virtually)

The Ministère de la Justice, working with the courts system, has introduced a mobile-optimized online service for viewing the schedule of hearings at the Superior Court and Court of Québec, containing:

  • The schedule of hearings in civil and penal cases;
  • The schedule of hearings in criminal cases.

It is important to note that this online service displays excerpts from the hearing rolls currently available as printed documents in all courthouses. Confidential or sensitive information will not be made available online.

Virtual or semi-virtual hearings

Rolls for virtual or semi-virtual hearings will be posted on the website of the courts of Québec. Anyone wishing to consult them or attend a hearing can visit http://roles.tribunaux.qc.ca and submit a request using the provided form.

Journalists wishing to attend a closed hearing must mention that they are journalists in their request and include their professional contact information. Notaries, lawyers and students-at-law must provide the following information to confirm their capacity: their last name, first name and the professional address they declared to the Barreau du Québec or the Chambre des notaires du Québec, as the case may be. Parties involved in a matter should not submit a request to attend a virtual hearing. They will be sent access codes and connection instructions directly by court office staff.

Source and user guides : https://www.quebec.ca/en/justice-and-civil-status/judicial-system/virtual-courtroom-hearings

For more information, please contact the Ministère de la Justice du Québec:
Phone: 418 643-5140, option 3
Toll-free: 1 866 536-5140, option 3
E-mail: informations@justice.gouv.qc.ca