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21. Small Claims  
Checklist You have a claim worth $15,000 or less? How to sue in Small Claims Court You are being sued in Small Claims Court? What you need to know! Manual Young Bar of Montreal’s manual on S  
22. BrochureCQEn.pdf  
23. BrochureCQFr.pdf  
24. History - History  
History The Court of Québec owes its origins to the Québec Act of 1774, which re-established French law in civil matters and confirmed English law in criminal matters. At that time, the judicial syst  
25. Authorities - Current Chief Judges  
Current Chief Judges FUNCTION NAME TERM OF OFFICE Chief Judge Henri Richard October 26, 2023 – Senior Associate Chief Judge Benoit Sabourin  
26. Authorities - Authorities  
Authorities The Court’s management team includes a Chief judge, a Senior Associate Chief judge, and three Associate Chief Judges, who serve a non-renewable seven-year term. An Associate Chief Judge i  
27. Nomination de quatre juges de la Cour du Québec  
Le ministre de la Justice du Québec, M. Simon Jolin-Barrette, annonce la nomination de quatre juges de la Cour du Québec :  Mmes Stéphanie La Rocque, Dominique Launay et M.   
30. Notice to the legal community and the public - Maintaining the integrity of submissions before the Court when using large language models  
The legal references contained in written submissions sent to judges raise significant concerns about the potential creation of legal authorities through large language models (LLMs)1.The engagement o  
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